Finding Daffy

Finding Daffy

The night we came home from the hospital, I slid into my neighbor’s car, and she drove us to a shopping plaza, where we parked beneath a crabapple tree.  Up the small hill opposite us, cars drove by, their headlights giving shape to a white Greek Orthodox Church.  I told my neighbor that I would … Continue reading

A Steadfast Memory

A Steadfast Memory

When I was about three years old, my mother took me to her friend’s house for a party.  It might have been a birthday party or a housewarming party, or it might have just been a simple get-together.  What I am certain of is that we don’t have any pictures from that afternoon, since I’ve … Continue reading

Going Back To See My Son

Going Back To See My Son

I wanted to show our students Akeelah and the Bee, so a coworker loaned me her copy of the movie.  I am preparing for today’s class by testing out the DVD to make sure it will play without a hitch later.  My fingernail pushes into the small rectangular button located on the side of my … Continue reading

My Babies Are Enough

My Babies Are Enough

The girls from the high school track team are sitting at their own round tables, separated from their parents.  I am sitting at a table with some of their parents.  The party favors that I had tied up with navy blue and gold ribbons help to add some color, but other than them, the white linen-tables … Continue reading

A Beautiful Day After Baby Loss

A Beautiful Day After Baby Loss

After dinner last night, I slipped into my car and headed for Michaels.  It was already 8:10, so I would have less than one hour to arrive at the arts and crafts store and complete my shopping list.  At 8:15 I looked out my windshield and windows, and saw.  I saw.  I hadn’t seen the beautiful … Continue reading